Inspired by…mother natures fancy free business card

 red flower. photography, collage

I am often amazed at what mother nature can create. She is a bit of a funny lady…

hawaii, nature, flower, photography

hawaii, nature, flower, photography

Twenty photos later of just this one flower…who his laughing now!? She has definitely captured my attention.

hawaii, nature, flower, photography

I have spent many an hour sketching flowers this past week for my surface pattern design course. It has made me stop to think what is it that I really love about them.

I love their carefree whimsical nature, their texture, their odd shapes.

hawaii, nature, flower, photography

I love them in any color…especially complementary colors!

hawaii, nature,  orangeflower, photography

I love the attention they demand.They are little pieces of artwork onto themselves.

hawaii, nature, flower, photography

My friend Lori who is hosting this months flower challenge refers to flowers as natures way of smiling. I like that!

Still patiently waiting for the flowers to bloom here. Mother nature is a bit of a tease….hot, sunny weather all week, but still no leaves or a flower in sight!

Still having fun in the sun…


10 thoughts on “Inspired by…mother natures fancy free business card

  1. Wow…gorgeous pics. And they made me feel nostalgic too. All those flowers were a familiar sight where I grew up. The climber with those orange flowers used to be all over the roof. ….an hibiscus…..and is the red flower in the bottom most pic of the collage Gulmohor?

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