Inspired by…april showers,may flowers and a little skunk

April showers bring May flowers. Well one can only hope..

Around here all my flowers are painted…not planted. Forecast calling for snow flurries tomorrow. I smile only because it’s almost funny. I dare Mother nature…

acrylic painting, poppy and pods, art

In our neck of the woods April showers also brings Skunk Cabbage! A sure sign that more spring is right around the corner..followed by more spring like weather. Lots of spring around here.

skunk cabbage, whistler Pretty~ Pretty smelly.

Western skunk cabbage is also known as swamp lantern. How pretty is that name?  Want to take a guess as to why its called skunk cabbage? Thats right…for the skunky odor it emits. A favorite saying around our town

You know you’re a local when….when you actually love the smell of skunk cabbage swamp lantern.

I do! For me its Whistler…its spring. A sign of summer to come.

I went for a dog walk yesterday to take pictures of things inspiring me. I knew that once I was out in the fresh air all thoughts of warm breezes,sunny days, bluebird sky would dissipate. Because, truth be told, I am actually quite inspired by death and decay.

I don’t know why..I love the antique, distressed feel, the organic shapes formed?? Maybe its just the experience of getting out there in the rain, at one with nature (insert eye roll).
Soft smelling skunk, a light mist rolling over the mountains and lake, many shades of gray, the anticipation of summer, my goofy dog…..or maybe it’s just my rose-colored glasses. Whatever it is ~ it makes me smile.

photography, spring,whistler

photography, spring buds, whistler
photography, whistler, nature, birch Whenever I need a hit of inspiration I get out my camera and start with my birch. I love my birch. They have been the subject of many a photo shoot. Look at all the lovely layers of paper…which of course have made their way into my daily collage.
photography, whistler, nature, birch
photography, whistler, nature, dead leaf
photography, whistler, nature, red canoe
It’s all good. I don’t know if I could imagine a life without seasons.

Thanks today goes out to Lori Moon. I started this blog post to participate in her May Flower challenge. Look where it led me…to a fine, appreciation of this gloomy rainy day!
If you would like to play along or just need a dose of prettiness, go on over to her blog and have a look!
I hope you have on your rose-colored glasses today! (especially if you live in the pacific northwest:)


19 thoughts on “Inspired by…april showers,may flowers and a little skunk

  1. That skunk cabbage looks just like the monsterio delicisio in our back yard, only these dont smell and they are edible if you can get past the sensation of little prickly hairs on your tongue and down your throat! Will try and send you a pic! xo

  2. I love the pictures of your birch tree – amazing. Your flower painting is gorgeous as well. Funny you mention the skunk cabbage and its smell. I actually think of summer any time I smell a skunk as I’m driving in the car because I usually only smell skunks in the summer so I’ve grown to like the scent because of what I associate with it — summer days and nights.


    • Thanks Jill..See, I did get your comment! I also grew up with skunks and raccoons in the summer…oddly, we dont get either here in Whistler…just the smell:)

  3. Your photos are stunning!! I love the red flowers at the top too! We don’t have Skunk Cabbage here in the Ozarks but I know we have other unusal species. Enjoy the May flowers!

  4. Julie~My oldest son was born in the Texas panhandle in 1978. It snowed on May 1st that year. I remember b/c he was due in April & he went over. I was thinking that I had planned it so that I wouldn’t have him in a snow storm & that perhaps Mother Nature had outwitted me. But my son did the outwitting & didn’t come until June 12th! LOL I love your pics. We hated the smell of the orange factories when we first got to Florida but we learned to love that smell. It is something we miss now!

  5. In Rotorua, NZ you know you are a local when you can’t smell the (highly pervasive) rotten egg smell of sulphur from the mud pools. I’ve never heard of a skunk cabbage – cool! 🙂

    • The Birch paper works great. Its a bit finnicky with the medium, as it wants to curl up, but once you have it down its there to stay. I am loving the texture of it. As for archival..well we will see. Thanks for dropping by!

  6. My son was peering over my shoulder while I was reading your blog and he said “that is just beautiful mom”…He thought it was my post! He has good taste! Beautiful painting, love your work!

  7. From top to bottom a beautiful blog! Ahem even the skunk cabbage/swamp lantern, never heard of it – or smelled it.

    • Thank you! I have to post some more pictures of the skunk cabbage because it is in full bloom now and beautiful. Still smelly, but you grow to love it!

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