Inspired by….some more intuitive painting with Flora

I am three weeks in to Flora Bowleys ecourse….Bloom True.

Talk about an emotional roller coaster ride….but one that I am loving! I laughed out loud when I heard Flora use that exact term to describe the process. At least now I know I am on the right path!

The typical painting goes something like this…

Oh, so much fun. Spreading paint with wild abandon.I could do this forever…this is what I love.Spray, splatter,swipe. Loving the cool colors and textures I am creating. Oh and I never knew how to make that color!! Wow, looking good..

Oh oh, now that’s just plain ugly. How did it just go from great to bad? Shouldnt have done that. Paint over. Damn, just painted over a part  I really like. You want me to add black and white..oh ok..well now its just really ugly. Wheres the gesso. No, dont touch it…let it grow,trust your instincts….

Its madness. I have caught myself talking out loud.. more than once. Sorry, I mean talking to the dog.

I love it…I hate it..

I  have had moments of feeling like a superstar…the next Rothko. I have had moments when I have questioned this style of working.I have had to leave the house more than once to just walk and clear my head.  My husband is very thankful he is away traveling.

Well here you have my process….plus a possible finished product.

flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting

flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting

flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting

flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting

Stop shaking your head….I know…poppies again… ahh…my comfort zone. I saw more than one parrot lurking around in there.

flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting

flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting

flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting

Not signed yet…so there is still lots of time for changes!

I have to be honest,  this style of intuitive painting is right up my alley. I have comittment issues  at the best of times and the beauty of this style is that it can go any new direction at any time. Makes me feel so free…

I do shake my head a bit at another poppy painting. But, there is a rhyme and reason to it all. I am trying to explore themes and different ways of presenting the same thing. Things that I love…things that inspire me. I have never painted just pods so that’s a little different.

I would be curious as to which stage of the painting you liked best. I know I was in love around Layer 4-5 and when I first started adding the images. I am finding that with most of my paintings I am loving the middle section of the process vs the final product. I believe there is a lesson to be learned here. I need to stop then…maybe go a little abstract and keep it loose. I find I am loosing all of the wonderful marks in my journey back into my comfort zone…texture.

Constantly learning…. It feels good and while I do get a wee bit frustrated, it is nice to know I am making progress!

Thank you for all of your comments as I stumble through this process. At times I still cannot believe I am putting it out there, but I really do love and appreciate the community that I have become a part of….so much fun!

Have a great weekend!

Do you want to be part of this crazy, creative process with Flora Bowley? It is really quite fun! For more info on her course click here.Flora Bowley  {artistically afflicted blog}


29 thoughts on “Inspired by….some more intuitive painting with Flora

  1. ohmygod. I looooove your process. love it. and I love your poppies (you big addict, you) — don’t you dare take them away from us! *sigh* I’m really quite jealous right now. gorgeous, gorgeous work. xo

  2. Beautiful! You had me at 5 too. But the addition of the ochre in the end one nails it for me. I’m jealous I’m so behind you. Can’t wait to see the other one.

  3. Is it wrong that I fell in love at stage 2? I love them all of course but there is something about the abstract form I really love…don’t hate me for that! Love it!

    • No, it is not wrong that you liked the earlier stages better…so did I!! I think we are both abstract at heart Shira. Most of the artwork I pin is abstract and it is always what I am most attracted to at galleries, online etc. I think I have to pay a little more attention to that! Call me later!

  4. I don’t know which one(s) I like best! There is always something about each stage that is great to me. I tend to like when I started seeing more white defining certain spaces–does that make sense.

    Thanks for sharing–they are inspiring!


  5. Hey Julie!
    I’m in class with you. When I was reading your blog, I was laughing because that is EXACTLY how I feel and is EXACTLY what is happening to my painting! I can’t wait to start a new one now and see if I can stop myself BEFORE I paint over all the beautiful layers!
    By the way, I think each layer is beautiful, including the finished ( or maybe not yet finished LOL) painting!
    Your classmate,

  6. Love it! Yes, stages 4 and 5 were very cool, but so is your final painting. By the way, just like you, I, too am attracted to abstract paintings, but when it comes to my own, it never feels “finished” until I add some type of shape in there. Weird! I’ve had people tell me “it looks finished to me!” to a few of my on-going paintings, and all I can think of is “really?”. Issues, issues…

  7. Looks stunning – you seem to have zipped ahead by miles:). Those poppy heads must really have been calling you! I also loved steps 3 and 4 – the richness and the depth of contrast I find very attractive.

  8. Julie Julie… i love EVERY one of these steps! Each one has its own beauty. I’m absolutely floored by your final piece. So so beautiful. I smiled when i saw the poppies start to peek through and i thought “you GO GIRL!!” 🙂 The description of your process is bang on too. Love it. xoxo

  9. Hi Julie,
    I’m taking Flora’s class too and I have 9 paintings in the works! I think I have one I can call done, so I think I’ll do a blog post too. The finsihed painting doesn’t look anything like the beginning, which I feel strange about. But now that I see yours, I realize, yep, that’s the way it’s going for all of us. For your painting, I don’t see why #1 or #3 could have been a finished abstract. But then when I see the last photo, I really love that. I’m glad you toned down the white and I love how the outlines make the buds pop. I’m purposely trying to NOT do buds or pods, so you’ll have to check out my blog to see what I came up with.

  10. So fun and interesting to hear other student’s perspectives from the class! I love seeing the evolution of your painting and can relate to loving one layer and then painting another layer and being not so sure. Your colors are wonderful, and I especially love the etching you did in your paint. Beautiful work!

  11. Amazing to see the process in your painting!! When the flowers started to form, it took my breath away. I’m so behind on the class. Are we supposed to be finished? Anyway, thank you for sharing. I have had a similar experience and plan to get back in there this weekend.

  12. I love that you are having so much fun with this, keep enjoying honey, I love your painting it’s beautiful, hearing you talk about the process is such fun too and it was fabulous to see the wonderful transformations it took during it’s journey of creation xxx

  13. I love seeing your journey with this painting. I’m in class too and trying hard to keep my own style withing Flora’s teaching. I think you did a great job with that! Excellent work.

  14. just love your painting, love every step and really love both 4 and 5… and I too felt so many of the emotions you shared (thank you for sharing them!) I was high, free, excited about splashing paint around and giving into the process and i was STUCK with a capital UCK… but i love the techniques and the connection with all the wonderful artists like yourself!
    love your posting, great to see and great to hear about your journey!

    • Thank you so much Nathalie. I too love all the work and posts I see regarding intuitive painting. It is so much fun, but the struggle!?aghhh I find it so interesting to read about everyones different approach. Off to visit your site. Julie

      • Thanks for sending facebook page. I was just on your site looking for it! I also grew up in Toronto and very familiar with the Beaches…my best friend lived there. Have a great day!

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