Inspired by…10,000 hours

Trying to incorporate oranges into my artwork. I love burnt oranges and reds. My house is full of them. Oranges and reds in my artwork..why not?! But why am I finding them so hard to work with?

red orange yellow

I know I  need to spend some time working the perfect combinations of color together.Need to practice combining different colors. I can’t blame the paint…

Unfortunately, I have quite a bit of cadmium orange and pyrole orange in my paint kit. I would like to use them up…quickly.. so I can buy some different shades of orange.

Ever feel like tossing all your paint colors and buying all new shades.? I definitely need to take a good color mixing kind of workshop. Anyone know of a good one? (preferably online)

red orange yellow acrylic paint

Blah..not loving this as a whole. I know that this will be a underlayer and little of it will come through in the final painting, but sometimes if you don’t love something its hard to keep working at it…but I will.

I laughed when I once heard a friend refer to her piece as  “in the awkward teenager stage”…all, pimply,hormonal and just waiting to emerge.

viewfinder acrylic paint

oh I like this little 1 inch section of my 32 inch painting?!

My trusty friend Erin made this little paper view finder for me and I use it often. With my rose-colored glasses and my view finder I can always find something I like.

viewfinder acrylic paint

another inch of goodness...30 more to go..

Will not toss it…Will not toss it….. Will not toss it..

acrylic paint

acrylic paint

So, keep what I like and adding to what I don’t like…..what if I am not really digging any of it?

acrylic paint

looking much better...

Hahaha…. I can’t tell you how good that felt!

I was giggling as I did it.

I was also thinking what a waste of time.. can’t believe I wasted my favorite Quin nickel paint on this..maybe I could have saved it.. what happened to patience and perserverance..what am I teaching my kids here..3 hours down the drain…oh….

It felt like a great roller coaster ride of emotion as I put scissor to paper. But.. it is done now and while I felt like a bit of a crazy woman, scissors in hand, sometimes you just have to make a drastic change. I think I accomplished just that!

cut up acrylic painting

collage anyone?

As for these pieces…maybe a journal page…scrapbook (oh, right, don’t do that…yet) or maybe I will just pin them up on my inspiration board as a reminder of the lessons learned while working on this piece.

Malcolm has given me 10,000 hours….lucky me, I am 4 hours closer to success….

Have a great weekend!

9 thoughts on “Inspired by…10,000 hours

  1. I think that was very brave to cut it up. I say good for you! Can’t wait to find out what kind of paper that is. I’m amazed at how flat it looks even with paint on it.

  2. Oh wow, you’re brave! I love how you have the strength to just go oh well it’s not working for me, so I’ll try this, and I’ll try that, and now I’ll cut it up and do this with it. You’re incredible. I need some of your guts I think. Well done Jules X

  3. Your post resonated with me – I have had way too many pieces in the teenager stage lately for my comfort. I have a big stack of half way art. I think you’ve inspired me to cut some up! (By the way I loved the piece – the colors were just so rich. The collage elements are going to rock on whatever you put them on!)

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