Inspired by…my creative community

I am lovin’ my creative community. A group of like minded souls coming together. All age,shape, size, color and nationality. Many different forms of creative medium.

I am only three months in to this community of fliers and I already feel a connection with these women, part and parcel of a collective, creative journey. A community that constantly encourages one to push past boundaries, be brave and believe in themselves. Inspiration at its finest!

I was a little hesitant of joining an online creative group at first. Unsure of the rules and etiquette around blogging and online communities, I stood silently on the sidelines. I watched and listened as those around me reached out first with their creations,slowly added their stories and personal life and finally their souls.The enthusiasm and support I have witnessed has been overwhelming. There is so much LIFE going on within the group. I feel very special being a part of it all. I have to be honest, I also feel a wee bit guilty if I stay away for to long!

Big Blank Page of Possibility..

Have a little peek into their lives. Have a look at their creations and listen to their story.

I think you will like them as much as I do!

Amaranthine Violet
Amy Hillenbrand
Beatriz Peñas B.
Beth Cougler Blom
Carmen Patti –
Carol Bray
Christina Fajardo
Cindy Jones Lantier —
Connie Rawlins –
Dana Brock –
Deborah Velásquez-
Elissa Brown-
Hillary Courson —
Jacquie Williamson –
Jane Paynting
Janet Forrest
Jennifer DeVille
Jill Lambert –
Julie Hamilton
Kanchan Mahon –
Karen Claverie
Kari DeSaulnier –
Kathleen Conard
Kathleen McKinnon-
Kathy May-
Kelley Miller
Kelly Corso-
Kelly Hoernig –
Kim Hyer-
Kris Lanae Binsfeld –
Lenore Angela –
Linda Barutha —
Lisa Michele Products –
Liza Zeni Baker –

Lori Leissner–
Lori Moon —
Mary Sterk –
Megan Schmitt
Melanie Douthit
Michelle Dwyer
Michelle Reynolds –
Rachél Payne (Rae)
Rain Hannah –
Rhiannon Connelly –
Ruth-Mary Smith
Sherry Richert Belul –
Shirley Ann
Stacey Chadwick Brown –
Susan M. Walls-Beverly –
Teresa Cash-Czech
Tina Carlborg –
Tonya Love –
Ursula Smith
Zulma Cadena

31 thoughts on “Inspired by…my creative community

  1. Thankyou Julie for flying alongside me. I loved reading your story and it resinates within me too. It’s been wonderful to have met you, and all this online, in a facebook group, well who would have thought coming from two non believers heheha! It certainly is so very inspiring. You are yourself one very inspiring artist too (o: Liza xxx

  2. Julie – your dragonflies are gorgeous! I love your words (great minds think alike by the way). I recently doodled something very similar during a meeting for my day job – giggle. You are an inspiration too!

  3. Your dragonfly is amazing and I admire anyone that can do calligraphy. I finally realized in art school that my problem with doing calligraphy is that I am left handed and i drag my hand across the ink as I write…. now I create words on the computer. The textures on your pages are beautiful!

  4. Lovely sentiment, beautiful dragonfly. I too, held back not sure when to jump in. When I finally made the leap I felt lifted up by this amazing group of artists. Aren’t we all lucky to have found each other?Beautiful blog!

  5. Julie, I love the variety of art you shared with us… I love the simplicity of the third image, colors and intensity of the first, but I think my fav is the word art of the second. I love your messages and how you intricately intertwined them! You are very gifted! Thanks for hopping with us! 🙂 Kris

  6. Hey Julie!

    First of all, I love your creation at the beginning of your post – it just pops. I agree that I was hesitant at first, but now I honestly feel like I know many of you and feel like if we met in person, we’d be like old friends. Thanks for being here!


  7. Beautiful site. The colors and the style really sucked me in. Your piece today is wonderful, lovely colors. I don’t if the beautiful words will stay in a journal but they need to be framed. Gorgegous!

  8. Well I am thinking we should do a little blog hop every week! How nice to have so many comments…all supportive and encouraging. Its a happy place:) Thanks so much girls! I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for you. (See…I told you they were great!) Julie xo

  9. JULIE! I always love reading your blog… it is one I get in my email, so I can read it on the go from my phone! Great art piece for the HOP, and many thanks to you for all your inspiring and encouraging words for me and everyone! So glad to know you and follow you. Thank you for you!

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