Inspired by …my artistic affliction

Blogtoberfest day 18  (for Illustration Friday ~ Scattered)

I have said it before and I will say it again… I am Artistically Afflicted.

I know I am not the only one out there. My goal is to collect all of you like-minded souls and make a community of us.

Are you Artistically Afflicted?

  • do you have at least 3 projects on the go?
  • do these projects  involve many different mediums
  • do you have sleepless nights wondering what you could produce if you just…
  • are you brave and fearless? Will you spend three hours creating something and then cut it up? or paint over it?
  • do you have glue, paint or any type of medium on your hands right now?
  • look around you…is your work spilling over into other rooms of the house?
  • do you have an uncanny ability to move from project to project without realizing
  • do you think you have a form of attention deficit disorder?
Are you shaking your head thinking “yes,this is me!”
You, my friend, are Artistically Afflicted.
Oh, the places you will go!  It may be just the best affliction you will ever have!
Sorry, got a little side-tracked there. My post for Illustration Friday this week falls under the theme – scattered. (how appropriate..) I have read a number of times now on various art blogs that I should just cut my art work up. Trust me I am often thinking I should just throw it out so this is one step better.
paintchip, doodle

mixed up media

Ok I have cut up. I have re-applied. I have added. Hmmm…interesting.

May have to explore this concept a little further…..

Cut it up...why not??

All part of the creative journey. Explore..create…get out of your comfort zone.

You never know what might just happen!

Please feel free to add any crazy ideas of your own to the comment section. Always thankful knowing I am not the only one out there!


14 thoughts on “Inspired by …my artistic affliction

  1. Yes, you pegged me! Love this post. Glad to know there are others of us : D
    Great ideas to cut and collage, repurpose…etc. Thanks for giving me a smile!
    Enjoy creating!

  2. Yes to all of the above!! I am artistically afflicted, you are not alone ;). Loving your artwork, the red in it is just gorgeous!! I say keep working while the creativity is flowing and you’re producing beautiful artwork like that… You can sleep later lol. xx

  3. Right there with you girl. Right there with you. Part of my problem with developing a distinctive “style” for my art is that I have many styles to my art. Sometimes the craziness in my “art” mind is out of control.

  4. Oh how wonderful! Love it. Thanks for baring your artistically afflicted soul. So glad I’m not alone. Thanks, Julie, for stopping by my blog. I’m definitely going to make sure I get back here often.

  5. I really enjoyed this post and having a good ole giggle. Thankyou (o: I can definitely say yes to most of those! Beautiful beautiful mixed collage piece!! So GLAD you didn’t throw any of you’re incredible work out!! Gosh if you ever have the slightest inkling to discard of some of your work make sure you write to me for a quick reminder first. It’s definitely too precious and talented for you to throw away xxx

  6. Gorgeous pieces, love the graphic quality and design. It would be great to do to a line with these pieces, like table top items for the home. Melanine trays, platters? Just thinking and art directing …hope you don’t mind. I love your work.

  7. I love your Artistically Afflicted concept. Was thinking about it today as I pulled away from a Michael’s with my bags loaded down with that crack-like substance that helps ease my affliction… Mod Podge! Oh, what would the world be like without that ambrosia!

  8. Most of the above!! I don’t tend to cut my stuff up though – but maybe I should, looking at the amazing effects here 🙂

    PS Glad you liked the granola recipe – thanks for visiting me! Happy Blogtoberfest x

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