Inspired by….autumn colors

Blogtoberfest day 17

the protective one..

There is nothing better than a beautiful, cool, crisp fall day. Vibrant reds and yellows shadowed by a rich bluebird sky, the smell of burning wood in the air,the snow slowly creeping down the mountain. It almost makes me look forward to winter. Almost…..

A touch of red

I tend to surround myself with rich colors at this time of year. I change-up my surroundings to be richer in color with more texture. I fill the fridge with comfort food – hearty soups, cheese and bread. My favorite fall boots and sweaters come out to play.


I feel very lucky to live with seasonal change. I could do with a little longer summer, but oddly I forget just how short it is on a beautiful bluebird day like today.

what am I?

All this rich, vibrant color, knocking me over every time I step out the door has got to go somewhere. Being a neutral kind of girl is not always so easy on days like today.

So, what am I doing with all of this bottled up inspiration?


a work in progress - autumn colors

A work in progress. Lots of color (for me!) Big, organic,leafy shapes…that will be expanded upon.I am thinking…fun, flamboyant and happy.This is in the beginning stages, but I have very high expectations for it.

Check out the paint chips below.I chose these colors before anything. I want all of these colors to be incorporated in the finished product. Trust me, I have had to keep them very close at hand so as not to veer from the colors desired.

stick with the plan....

Beautiful colors with beautiful names.. Not entirely sure how I am going to incorporate them all, but if I go for enough walks in the woods, I am sure it will come to me. Fingers crossed!

9 thoughts on “Inspired by….autumn colors

    • Hi Kathleen. Yes, the photos are mine. All were taken in Whistler…however, I did notice after that an hibiscus from Hawaii snuck in there! One can wish…..

  1. What an incredibly inspiring environment you live in, so so beautiful! You’re painting is just fantastic too, you are incredibly talented and I’m always in awe of the many ways you can work in to produce you’re beautiful work, that’s a real talent you know! To work in so many mediums with varied techniques and do such a great job each time, amazing. It’s great to see how your inspiration is then interpreted in your paintings – just beauitful I really love your work and seeing the many mediums that you can work in. xxx

  2. Julie- I have painted the inside of my house in all fall colors so I am surrounded by them year round! Love your pictures. I laugh at the paint cards because who do you think they get to name those colors? What a great job! I wish we could label our days as paint colors… they would be so much more inspiring! Thanks for the post!

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