Inspired by…the color palette generator

Blogtoberfest ~ Day 12

I have been thinking a lot about color these days. Color is not something that comes easily to me.I love color, but I have to really work my brain to get color from my mind’s eye onto canvas. I need all the help I can get…..

Yesterdays post about Pinterest and my pinning of favorite color combinations got me thinking of other ways that I “add’ color to my artwork.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I originally read about the Color Palette Generator on one of my favorite blogs, Creature Comforts. Naturally I found it so inspiring that I then pinned it to Pinterest.( have I mentioned lately how much I love my computer…)
The Color Palette Generator is so easy to use. You can link here for full details courtesy of Creature Comforts. It is all visual so no reading required. The above image explains it all.

  • find image you looove
  • right-click to view url of image
  • “copy” image url
  • go to website
  • copy and paste link into Color – Palette-ify! box
  • A ha!

You now have your beautiful image plus the main colors within the image. I find it much easier to take these colors and get my paint a mixing.

Of course, all of this color coding can also be applied to your blog or website. Have a beautiful image and want to base a header/ banner/ blog button around it? Color-Pallette-ify the image and A ha! you have the colors listed and their “ingredients” for you to use in your other web-based projects.

Easy -peesy. Love!

If you have any tricks up your sleeve…please share. I need help……

Thanks for visiting!

12 thoughts on “Inspired by…the color palette generator

    • Shouldnt you be asleep? What time is it there? I am trying to get my daily blog in for Blogtoberfest…hoping that somewhere in the world it is still the 12th!
      I will send you an email tomorrow as I am not sure you receive my replys from here. xo

  1. Julie – so glad you stopped by my blog and left a message because it reminded me to check out yours and I remembered that I loved it before – and then forgot to keep checking back. Problem solved I signed up for email reminders – amazing what happens when you follow directions. I just love your art and your words, and I love that you are teaching me new tricks. BTW I like the purple blue, color combo you worked with in previous post. Looking forward to reading more. Best, Kim

  2. Hi Julie, Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I’m taking the Blogging course right now. In just a couple of days, I’m already seeing things to do or not to do with my blog. I’m so new to art, blogging, etc. I’ve only been actively doing all of this within the past few months. So exciting but as soon as I can get more settled down I want to be more focused on what I post on my blog, like you of course. I’ve been enjoying your blogtoberfest that you’re doing. I’m sure that really keeps you motivated.

    • Haha Carol…blogging everyday is what NOT to do. I am driving myself and my subscribers crazy…I would like to hear more about that course. I was thinking about it, but decided it had to wait until a later date. Julie

  3. Hey Julie,
    Everyone is doing some sort of color story. Working on color post as well. Michelle Reynolds just did one. Couldn’t finish up today think I will post it Monday. Here are two sites for you: and Able to get some good stuff.
    Three hours to get to Anthropologie? OMG I have an Anthropologie blog for you
    BTW Where can I find your email?

  4. Julie – really enjoying your blog – love colour – if you make a colour wheel – you can buy one or find one on the internet but it’s not the same as the discovery of making your own – then observe the difference of warm-cool – complimentary colours which would be opposite each other on your colour wheel – complimentary colours enhance to the max ie if you are using a blue (blue moves back) and enhance it with a fine line around your perimeter of red (red moves forward) you’ll create movement. Actually Erin could probably demonstrate as she’s had the Moon Colour Course in condensed form. And so the same with ie – purple – yellow / just look across at the opposite side and you’ll find a complimentary-

  5. I love color!!! This is wonderful!!! I will definitely look in the AM 🙂

    PS.. I am creative afflicted. My creativity is spilling into every area of my life.. making everything slightly messy (but very beautiful)

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