Inspired and different colors.

Blogtoberfest ~ day ?

I have been trying to break free of my usual color scheme. It is not easy.

My home is painted ginger root,  my accents are always red and orange. I have been living with this color scheme for about 20 years now. I don’t know if I will ever be able to break free of it. It’s just kind of who we are now….

Interestingly, most of my art is always on the warm side….until now.

I am trying to break free…if it can only be through my art, then so be it…

My new groove is to “pin” color schemes on Pinterest and then apply them to art. Curious as to what I am talking about? Go here

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Purples and blues. I would never think to combine these colors together.

I will be honest, it’s a bit on the wild side for me. I may be a bit conservative when it comes to color…
So it was decided. My goal was to use these colors in my art exercise..

Here is what happened….

Colors used ~

  • cobalt teal
  • napthol red
  • naples yellow
  • titanium white
  • mars black

cobalt teal, napthol red

Some fun mark making in above colors and then painting out space around into some standard shapes.

mark making, texture, mixed media

Making marks..exploring texture
mark making, texture, acrylic paint
Making shapes…trying different mediums..lots of charcoal, oil pastels and ink

Obliterating all…and coming up with something new, but still within the same color scheme.

All of the above pieces created on small 8′ by 10″ inch watercolor paper. Constantly reminding myself to let go and loosen up..its only paper.

Big ideas…small committment. Explore and see if your idea is worth committing more time and energy to..

Next time I am going to try and shake it up a bit more. Less Tapestry and Blooming Blue. More Greenleaf and Natural.

Love to hear and see some of your fav color combinations!

8 thoughts on “Inspired and different colors.

  1. Oh, my, where do I start? First, let me just say what a fantasticidea to pin color schemes!!! Of course! Why didn’t I think of that before? Will definitely adopt that habit! Second: LOVE your experiments with colors and markings and shapes and mediums! And third, some of my favorite color combos: oranges, pinks and purples (the more-red-than-blue kind of purple), and navy-blue, yellowish-green and orange.

    • Spaark is all about a’ha moments and you just had one! Thank you…makes me very happy when I can impart my (limited) creative influences onto others. Pinning has become a way of life for me….keeps it all nice and tidy in one spot. blue, yellowish-green and orange – I am on the look out for that one:) Tonight I am working on an orange, red and purple, brown combo….will post later this week. Right now I am loving it… but we will see.

  2. oh my gosh…this totally counts for my pinterest challenge. love it! If you decide to enter just send me the pic of one of your art pieces and then the original pic and source from pinterest. i can so relate to your blog, btw. i’m definitely adding you to google reader!

    • I am working small right now so it looks like I am getting more done. I only have one large piece on the go and trust me, it is taking forever. I look at it, shake my head and go back to the small stuff. I completely understand the spinning wheels…Julie

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