Inspired by…texture with found objects

Day 2 ~ Blogtoberfest

Dont tell anyone around here, but I love a rainy weekend. No excuse to stay in the house and paint, draw, read and now …blog..

After my crazy week I can only sigh. AHHHH… there were a few too many days creative-less. My new plan is to set away 30 minutes a day to just play and explore with my stuff. If I get more time, great. If not, no whining because I have at least had a bit of time to do what I want to do.

So after searching my kitchen for something new and different to paint with, I found this….recognize it?

fruit and veggie bagIt’s the mesh bag from my cherry tomatoes(right) and clementine oranges(left). Grocery shopping has become a bit more fun….

These marks are going to be bee hives. More layers and depth..tweak the color and it will be all set for some bees.

I havent a clue what I am going to use these for. I don’t usually use blue. Now I am thinking that maybe these will be for bees. Oh, the decisions…

I am really loving this texture. It’s good as it traps paint in its web. It is also a great over lay to paint on top of another color. Will definitely be using again.
Blue paint…maybe not.

feeling blue

If you have any interesting textures created with found objects, please share!! It’s always good to have an arsenal of materials on hand to get the creative juices flowing. The freer the better!

11 thoughts on “Inspired by…texture with found objects

  1. Hey Julie, thank you for commenting on my blog. Your stuff looks so interesting, I am now ‘following’ you… haha not in the creepy way! lol. It is great how you can just stumble upon blogs and find some really interesting and inspiring ideas. Look forward to reading more of you blog! Angela (Sew La Ti Embroidery)

  2. Love it! Thanks, Julie! I found a big nut in my dad’s tool chest. It’s great for marking up modeling paste or stamping. I’ve also used a big spring found in the same place. 🙂

    • all sorts of things were going through my head when you mentioned “a big nut” but I get it now. Tool chest..god forbid, we do any work aound the house, maybe I could use the stuff in there for painting!

  3. Ah, Jules! Thanks for your comment on my blog art gallery. 🙂 I just want to say, that I love the way your painting goes. I love textures, and I’m trying to do that with my photography in an artful way; following my heart, so I love that you’re doing it too! And the paintings are fascinating; the textures just draw me in and keep me looking. Love your blog!

  4. These are fantastic I love the playful fun you’ve had with the mesh netting. I havn’t experimented with texture in my paintings yet, although I’d love to and your post has certainly inspired me to start thinking about doing so…ahhh time I would love more time to play as well as produce at the moment. Trying to produce in order to get an etsy shop open. I have a suggestion for an idea for a new texture though. I was thinking it would be fun to experiment with pieces of bark, or seed pods and the like, hard objects found in nature. That could be fun and I know I have plenty of these around my home. Leaves with a distinct raised surface pattern could be great also. I look forward to seeing how this textured painting developes Julie. Good on you for doing the blogfest thing too. I’d love to do it, but with all that’s going on in our little household I wasn’t sure I could commit to it at the moment. I have 2 lil boys 1 & 3 and Tully my 3 yr old is having his tonsils out this week. A goal for next year I think. I look forward to popping in here to read daily though. Thankyou, I’m a big fan of your artistic style and love your work. Good luck with etsy we can push each other along to achieve that goal (o” all in good time, small steps… Liza xxx

  5. love this kind of texture! have you tried putting wax paper into gesso? you have to completely let it dry, then remove. the wax sticks into the gesso and works as a resist when you paint over it with watercolor. really fun!

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