Inspired by….Me Time

Go ahead...take one!

I have been creative-less for more than a few days now. I  noticed this morning that I was getting a wee bit grumpy, a little impatient,and very antsy. This was accompanied by a nagging feeling that I was missing something…

I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why I was feeling this way and was basically too busy to give it much thought. But on further observation and questioning during my morning dog walk it hit me.

I have been creative-less.My overactive imagination has had no outlet!

Simply put –  life has been a wee bit hectic. in silly busy. Still filled with lots of joy, laughter, sunshine and coffee, but no me time. Time that I can just sit and do with no distractions or interruptions. My zen time. Be it 10 minutes, or hopefully more, it is just a little time out that I need to zen out.

Yes You Can!!

Once again a gentle reminder to slow down and put a little balance into  life. A balance between work,play,family life …and me!.A chance to end each day with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. A chance to make sure the scales are balanced.

Have you had your time today?

All images courtesty of my favorite Tumbler. Check Clement out here

One thought on “Inspired by….Me Time

  1. I need the daily reminder ticket over here every now and again. Thanks for inspiring me to take a chance on IF. I wasn’t sure of the fit at first, then thought well does it matter? I’ll figure it out as I go. Not sure about Hibernate. Very interested to see what happens with frog tape.

    Have great weekend!

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