Inspired by my …artistic affliction

My husband is away. The kids are at school. I have become the mad woman….

artistic affliction

The dining room table..

We are no longer eating at the dining table as I have one, maybe two paintings in progress.

art gone astray

the kitchen counter

The kitchen counter is off limits too. Some paper cutting and collage going on here..oh, and my computer just in case I get the sudden urge to blog.

art gone astray

no coffee here...

My paintbrush photo-shoot because it is oh, so important to have a pretty header. Look up!

art gone astray

my studio..

Now, really, who could get anything done in here? Much to messy and way too many distractions!

Ar-tis-tic Af-flic-tion v. to have great distress caused by an overactive imagination.

art gone astray

And finally….painting the walls too.Why not??

I may be Terminal.


18 thoughts on “Inspired by my …artistic affliction

  1. I see you have a lot going on, which is fantastic… but you will see I am no better, because instead of seeing a mess, all I can think is how beautiful your house is! What beautiful HUGE walls! You are lucky to be able to trust your things around the house. My stuff would be destroyed if I weren’t about to shut it in its own room! Just go with it while you can!

  2. I love that you have a studio yet like me why not use the kitchen table, kitchen counter, an island and a bit of the piano bench in addition to that creative studio space! Thank God I am not crazy all by myself. Nice to have friends with similar disorders. Husband away tomorrow lets see if I can make a bigger creative mess! Thanks for sharing. Love the Noguchi table btw.

    How is the sketchbook going? Still on the fence.

    • My house is the same right now, hubby is away, and my last little chick just flew, I cannot seem to focus on any one thing, I have a magpie mind and keep making messes wherever I go…I love your home and studio, all so colorful and warm. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love it…that’s what my house looks like when my hubby goes away – just sent him off today for 10 days and the art shop is out of canvases…..boohoohooo…..will have to do some other sort of art/craft… right now I should be cooking dinner….meh….we are having an easy dinner…ravioli…well, you have fun!!!

    • Oh..have fun while he is gone!! No canvas…now you have to early get creative! Limited art supplies here too.. I have started using rolls of Borden & Riley sketch vellum…you can do anything to it( just gesso it first) It comes in rolls of 48″ by 20yds and can be attached to canvas after with medium.. I rub, scrub, name it.

      They deliver!

      Breakfast time over here…just having a title quiet time with coffee and my trusty friend, mac.

  4. I puffy heart this — you are in my head and a less cleaner, more put together house! Where do I sign up for the support group? 🙂 Happy creating!!! xox

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