time and patience..

I am going to need to read this on a daily basis. My own personal mantra or pep talk. Time and patience are my friends.

I know that I am not the only one out there who continually wonders “what the heck am I doing all of this for?”. This now applies not only to my artwork, but also to my blogging!

I feel like I have been struggling with this question for most of 2011. I spend hours creating. When I am not creating I am planning what to create next. I go for a walk to clear my head and BAM..more images to paint.I see images in my sleep. Its exhausting.

I am feeling like a bit of a crazy woman. My studio is a disaster zone. I spill paint on the floor and I barely wipe it up. I leave my paintbrushes in water overnight.The cap stays off the glue. I dont even know THIS person!?  My poor children have suffered the wrath for less.

I know that I should feel content having discovered my happy place, but the questions continue. Is it really possible to do all of this “work” without a game plan? I am tiring of my daily, left brain nudge, questioning why?

I started blogging because I felt I needed to focus on a direction.It doesnt necessarily have to be the right direction.. A blog about art and inspiration could only add more happiness to my life. It would surround me, hopefully, with a collection of like minded souls. I am not committing to doing anything with my artwork, but lets say I am finally thinking to myself “self, lets make a go of this and see where it leads you.”

So the big beautiful mess continues. The blog will also continue to evolve. I am hoping that a theme will magically present itself… as always, any and all suggestions are welcome. I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but I need to consider them a bit more thoroughly before putting them out there. Until then I can only hope that I spark a wee bit of inspiration and hopefully encourage others out there to take a leap and try something new for themselves.

Find your happy place!

9 thoughts on “time and patience..

  1. Hi Julie, I’ve been nudged over here from KRR’s e-course. After reading your post about Pinterest (which I too am addicted to), I am going to pin the “I wish somebody told me” poster! I’m also going to think of it every single time I finish a painting and decide I don’t like it. Thank you!

  2. Hi Julie, I haven’t been able to find an email address for you so I’m just commenting instead. I’m not sure if you created the “I wish someone told me” image, but if you did, may I use it on my blog for a post I’m writing about self-taught artistry, with credit and link back to you?

    Cheers, x

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